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Improving pediatric acute care through collaboration

ImPACTS (Improving Pediatric Acute Care Through Simulation) was created to ensure that ill and injured children receive the highest quality of emergency care whenever and wherever it is needed.


There are over 5000 general emergency departments and approximately 500 EDs dedicated to the care of only children.  90% of the 31 million children cared for in US emergency departments each year present to community emergency departments, where the majority of the patients are adults. 


These hospitals may not be optimized to care for the sickest pediatric patients and/or have access to pediatric subspecialists. Through ImPACTS academic medical centers collaborate with one another and community hospitals to improve pediatric care.


 To ensure that every ill and injured child receives timely, safe and effective emergency care whenever and wherever it is needed (no matter where they live, attend school or travel).


Every emergency department and emergency health care provider will be prepared to care for this population across the continuum of care in the United States.


Centralized resources including scheduling, educational resources, simulation resourdes, and data aggregation and analysis. These functions are centralized to ensure consistency and allow the hubs to focus on client engagement rather than back-office tasks.


The core will support Regional Academic Medical Centers as they work with their community partner hospitals through tele-mentoring/collaboration.

Improving pediatric preparedness in the Emergency Department

There has been considerable growth in the number of emergency departments (ED) and ED patient visits in the United States over the past two decades. EDs in the United States are disparate in their readiness to provide care to ill and injured children. The majority of Academic Medical Centers have high levels of pediatric readiness, as many of their EDs are designed and operated solely for the care of children.Read More..


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