ImPACTS ED Project

ImPACTS ED is a collaboration between many the top US Children’s Hospitals/Academic Medical Centers (“Regional Centers”) which allows for open sharing of knowledge, experiences and resources in their collaborative work with community hospitals. ImPACTS ED brings together individuals working to improve pediatric emergency care in a community of practice. In the US, 90% of the 31 million children requiring emergency care present to EDs where the majority of the patients are adults. These EDs may not be optimized to care for the sickest pediatric patients and/or have access to pediatric subspecialists. ImPACTS ED involves academic medical centers collaborating community hospitals and other academic medical centers in a community of practice with a shared vision.


To participate, Regional Centers are required to engage at least two community hospitals in the program each year and to contribute to the efforts to achieve the ImPACTS vision. These centers are supported by a core and advisory board.Hospitals that care for a large volume of children are eligible to serve as regional centers (children’s hospitals, academic medical centers and/or general hospitals). These centers are strongly encouraged to work with EMSC state partnership programs and other existing efforts to improve pediatric emergency care in their region. Centers complete a train-the-trainer with the core to ensure the effective implementation of ImPACTS. This involves the core team traveling to the Regional Center to support them in conducting a pilot session in their own ED, followed by the enrollment of a community ED. After completing training regional centers are considered ImPACTS sites and can begin to implement the program at other hospitals. Regional centers are expected to participate in quarterly meetings. ImPACTS has trained 36 regional centers to date. Interested in participating? Contact ImPACTS