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Auerbach honored with quality and safety award

When he was 8 years old, Marc Auerbach, MD, accidentally cut off the tip of his finger in a vending machine while in New York’s Adirondack mountains. He was treated in a community hospital whose staff had limited experience in pediatric emergency care and little access to pediatric specialists. As a result, he suffered a number of preventable complications... Read More

Simulated case helps prepare Pender team for real pediatric emergency 

Dr. Michael Brown ordered a third dose of adenosine to try to stabilize the heart rhythm of his 4-year old patient on a Wednesday morning in the Resuscitation Room at Pender Memorial Hospital. Still, Johnny cried and complained that he felt as if he had been kicked in the chest.

Johnny’s dad suspected asthma, and Brown knew that Johnny had drunk... Read More

The Split-Second Timing That Saved A 5-Year-Old CT Boy From Drowning

In Adam's case, CPR was performed by Chelsea Piers staff as soon as he was pulled from the water, which got him breathing. Stamford EMS personnel arrived quickly and got his pulse stabilized to the point that they could transport him to Stamford Hospital. Adam experienced seizures at the hospital, which required medications to stop before he could be helicoptered from Stamford to Yale-New Haven, which takes 14 minutes. According to Dr. Heather Machen, director of pediatric emergency medicine at Stamford Hospital, such scenarios are well-rehearsed by the two institutions. "We've worked very closely with Yale-New Haven with simulations of drownings," Machen told Patch, adding that drowning is the most common cause of death among young children. "We prepare for these things in advance."... Read More

RSU, along with US universities, develops an algorithm for how to save lives more effectively

iga Stradins University (RSU) in cooperation with the leading medical universities in the USA - Washington and Yale Universities - has begun to develop an algorithm for more efficient and high quality clinical simulations and technologies, to train and evaluate emerging pediatric physicians - residents in resuscitation and emergency care, opening up There are no training opportunities in Latvia that are not in any other industry.... Read More

Yale Simulation Helping St. Mary’s Improve Pediatric Acute Care

The Emergency Department Team at Ascension's St. Mary's Healthcare, Amsterdam, New York, recently worked with the Yale School of Medicine training team to help improve health outcomes and survival for critically ill and injured infants and children through simulation-based interventions.

A mobile team from Yale, including a pediatric ED physician, a pediatric nurse educator and a parent actor, brought high-fidelity mannequins of infants and toddlers that imitate real-life health threats in the young population. The St. Mary's Emergency Department Team was observed as they engaged in treatment of the young [simulated] patients. The care team participated in several scenarios, which were digitally recorded to assist the staff with their review of team communication and processes during the interaction... Read More

St. John’s Riverside nurses take part in ED simulation exercises

The ED staff at St. John’s Riverside Hospital in Yonkers, N.Y., recently took part in an pediatric emergency simulation. According to a news release, the ImPACTS program involves a multidisciplinary team of pediatric emergency-trained nurses and physicians using simulation to improve emergency care.

The trainers set up a simulation lab in the ED trauma room for the event. Two teams were formed, each consisting of staff nurses, emergency medicine physicians, local paramedics and medical assistants... Read More

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