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Full Code

Minerva Medical Simulation, Inc.

Full Code is a virtual medical simulation platform designed to let you quickly and easily practice medical decision-making

Full Code challenges you to take on complex clinical cases in a realistic 3D emergency room. Whether you are a medical student, resident, paramedic, nurse, PA or experienced physician you will enjoy the challenge of solving Full Code cases. The service's library includes over 105 scenarios with a mix of common occurrences, trauma cases, pediatric patients, life-threatening illnesses and obscure diseases. Two new scenarios are added each month and clinical hot-topics are frequently covered. Earn CME credit hours with realistic medical simulation.

Pediatric cases include the following a selection of trial cases

  • Abdominal pain with poor appetite in a child (FREE)

  • Possible bat bite while sleeping

  • Wound after cat bite

  • Weakness, lethargy and puffy eyes

  • Toddle with diarrhea and abdominal pain

  • Hypoxia in a toddler

  • Febrile, lethargic toddler

  • Inconsolable toddler

  • Baby with first-time seizure

  • Toddler with arm pain

  • Blue infant after feeding

  • Gagging child

  • Child with gag and cough

  • Rash and abdominal pain in a child

  • Sleepy child after playdate

  • Low energy and fever in a child

  • First-time seizure at summer camp

  • Fever and red eyes in a child

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