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Virtual Simulation Options

Med Sim Studio

Creator Adam Blumenberg

Med Sim Studio makes it simple to display vital signs and images for your learners.

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Med Sim Studio is a software platform that lets you run medical simulation in the hospital, in a classroom, in a sim-lab, or through remote learning. Med Sim Studio simulates a vital sign monitor, provides a library of medical images, assessment tools, and scribe log. Med Sim Studio lets you run or author pre-scripted simulation cases and share them with your colleagues! You can easily write choose-your-own-adventure type algorithms for any sort of medical case you want! 

Virtual Resuscitation Room

Creator Sarah Foohey

Use the Virtual Resus Room to run interactive, collaborative online simulations.

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The Virtual Resus Room (VRR) is an open-access online simulation tool which allows learners to apply their knowledge using simulated patient cases and to rehearse their CRM skills. The VRR uses Google Slides and Zoom. Learners and facilitators communicate with each other using Zoom. Learners collaboratively complete tasks by making synchronous edits to their shared Google Slide “room”, which consists of a patient silhouette surrounded by moveable images of resuscitation equipment. Facilitators modify the patient’s vitals and provide updates in response to the learners’ actions. This free and easy to use approach to online simulation has been widely used and well received by facilitators and learners around the world.

TeleSim Box

Creators: Maybelle Kou, Elizabeth Sanseau, Sofia Anthanasopoulou and Marc Auerbach

Run pediatric simulations without dedicated simulations facilities, manikins, or simulationists; from anywhere, to anywhere!

Simbox is a free, online resource that makes it easy to run simulations in person, online or both; the facilitator streams a YouTube video of the patient and monitors that trend the vital signs over time; to run, simply start/pause/stop/rewind the video, based on the participants’ actions. The cases include common pediatric emergencies, and there is the option to run the scenarios in either the emergency departments or the prehospital setting! Each case comes with educational resources and beautiful infographics; there is also multiple facilitation and debriefing guides and resources!

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