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Improving pediatric acute care through collaboration

ImPACTS (Improving Pediatric Acute Care Through Simulation) was created to ensure that ill and injured children receive the highest quality of emergency care whenever and wherever it is needed.

ImPACTS has now expanded to include virtual options to ensure that all community sites continue to be supported in pediatric care throughout COVID-19. If you are interested in learning more about this please contact ImPACTS.


ImPACTS ED project has launched ImPACTS ED 2022-23! This will combine the work we have started with the Distance Learning Project to include in situ simulation. This project is focusing on creating "off the shelf" pediatric content for community ED Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinators (PECCs) to share with their ED staff. This will still include simulation and a collaborative relationship between the Academic Medical Center (Hub) and community ED (spoke). Interested in participating or learning more? We are still enrolling sites, visit the ED tab at the top of this page for more information.

ImPACTS EM Resident Updates

We are looking for sites to enroll for Spring 2024. Please contact ImPACTS EM Resident if you would like more information or if your site would like to participate.

ImPACTS Inpatient Updates

The ImPACTS Inpatient Initiative is moving forward with the goal of supporting community hospital preparedness to assess and acutely manage a critically ill patient. Currently we are working with colleagues in emergency medicine, hospitalist medicine and pediatric critical care to put together an assessment tool for community hospitals to use when assessing their preparation in managing a critically ill pediatric patient. Interested in learning more?

Contact ImPACTS Inpatient

ImPACTS Outpatient Update

ImPACTS Outpatient is actively working to expand this work, which will include continued simulation and readiness with outpatient offices, and additionally working with American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) on readiness guidelines, and expanding to other outpatient settings (Urgent Care, Family Practice, Specialty Clinics). Please reach out to ImPACTS Outpatient if interested in joining this work!


The NICU project is getting ready to launch, simulation cases and the readiness checklist have been finalized, and train the trainer content is in final stages and we are on track to launch Spring 2023. Please contact ImPACTS NICU if you are interested in joining or would like more information.

ImPACTS Transport Updates

The ImPACTS Transport project has 14 active Hub sites participating in this first cohort, with simulations concluding in Spring 2022. We are beginning next steps for future of this work. More information can be found on the ImPACTS Transport Tab. Is your site interested in participating? Contact us at ImPACTS Transport


We are excited to announce we currently have a group working on an ImPACTS EMS project. This includes pediatric readiness and simulation with EMS providers. Plans to pilot this work in a small cohort will begin Spring/Summer 2023 with more to come!

Improving pediatric preparedness in the Emergency Department

There has been considerable growth in the number of emergency departments (ED) and ED patient visits in the United States over the past two decades. EDs in the United States are disparate in their readiness to provide care to ill and injured children. The majority of Academic Medical Centers have high levels of pediatric readiness, as many of their EDs are designed and operated solely for the care of children.

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